March 14, 2012

Several Moralities

Forrest's post on Two Moralities is honest, straightforward, poetic, and creative in the extreme. The discipline he's undergone in conducting this blog has led to new revelations.

I led the group for a large space of time, and became inactive in favor of other interests (see My Posts). My experience was similar to Forrest's present circumstances, but with some difference.

With my wife, Ellie, we've taught (or led) Bible classes in many Friends' Meetings over many years, and my interest has somewhat waned.  For a long time I believed
1. That the Bible is poetry--every word of it.  Poetry is the highest form of truth.
2. The quality of the Bible changed through the centuries in accordance with the evolution of consciousness of the Bible people. 
3.  Consciousness reached a peak with the birth of Jesus, the Son of God.
4.  The Bible is not all the Word.  The Word comes forth from our mouths today like it did for Isaiah and Hosea.  In effect Jesus  is the Word, and to the degree we're led by Him we too speak the Word. (For me that realization somewhat relativized the Bible.
5.  This blog has been a sacred endeavor.  It began some ten years ago and has been followed faithfully by various people at various times.  Sooner or later it will be laid down, like every other (sacred or profane) activity.  We have every reason to be thankful and praise God  for it.


At 8:00 a.m., Blogger forrest said...

To live in the gospel (I now and again see) is to know God as the Hand In Your Sock Puppet, to know your neighbor and your enemy and whomever you may despise-- as yourself. To know yourself as a beloved Child with a booger hanging from your nose, and as a perfect Creation.

That should be enough to shake the Earth for miles around. But all I can do with it is the little bit that I do... so far. And I can't even know the consequences of that little bit, except now and then when I've been feeling like Nothing-- and something I did years ago comes back to me rich and strange... ("Synchronicity always happens at the right time...")

Some of this poetry truly speaks to us; some of it is just there like a dirty mirror... and going through it all bitwise leads me into some dry spells. The word for me lately has been at -- where the stuff on ADD has been, as Dr Mate put in, "like looking into a mirror."

I'd like the blog to continue; but right now I'm still needing to back off and await more light about what That Pesky Book really means..

At 10:05 a.m., Blogger Larry said...

Thanks, Forrest; you and I are just a couple of 'ole buddies'.


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