April 16, 2007

I be jammin'


I find myself back in my old home digs and my landlord has retiled the bathroom. Seems the floor tiles in my bedroom closet that I was complaining about being loose were loose because water form the tub was seeping under the floor boards -- and growing a ripe crop of mould. Splains why I've been suffering respiratory issues for three months. And the doctor has been telling me to ignore it -- its only a reaction to medication and will go away after meds are adjusted. It always gives me a warm feeling in my heart when medical professionals take for granted that patients are incompetent to know what's going on in their own anatomy or be consulted in their treatment.

But. I spent a week on the West coast -- I peered down mountain gorges, took pics of glaciers and saw 400 hundred year old trees again for the first time in three decades. I breathed real air. And came away semi-refreshed in body and spirit. Though I ate too much of the stuff I shouldn't.
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At 1:37 p.m., Blogger forrest said...

Good to have you back. And breathing!

Are you sure you should be taking drugs from this guy?


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