July 06, 2005

catching up -- on putting away the sword

1. What is the author's main point in this passage? (MAIN POINT)

I think the point of this passage was to affirm that despit this being the story of Jesus' arrest leading to his execution, Jesus remains in complete control.

2. What new light do I find in this particular reading of this passage of the text? (NEW LIGHT)

Similar to Job. And to certain stories in the Synoptics. The soldiers (I presume gentile) are shown as faithful in contrast to Judas (the betrayer) and Peter (who always seems to be doing the wrong thing for the right reasons -- you notice that about Pete?)

3. Is this passage true to my experience? (TRUTH)

In what way? The Son of God is betrayed by a close disciple to authorities who fear the world more than they love God. Pretty much standard operating procedure on planet earth I think. Despite the criminal injustice in thsi world Christ is in complete control. I hope in it. But true to my experience? My faith ain't that complete as yet.

4. What are the implications of this passage for my life? (IMPLICATIONS)

On the worst day. When chaos seems to reign over good and the poor and marginalized are led captive -- Christ remains in control. His cause is still served -- despite injustice and even through the injustice. In other words, trust.

5. What problems do I have with this passage? (PROBLEMS)

Obedience. Always comes to that in the end. I always know better than I do.


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