March 20, 2005

Christ Consciousness John 8:21-30

Again, just catching up.

When Jesus tells the Jews that where he is going, they cannot go, they naturally are confused. With limited, rational thinking, we are easily likewise confused. However, Jesus’ path of death and resurrection - of dying to an old way of being and being born into a new way of being is actually known in all the religions of the world. This is the path of transition and transformation. Spending some time considering this passage has opened this up further for me in the past week, and it is this: to know Jesus theoretically and intellectually does not necessarily open one’s heart to the presence of Christ. It seems that the consciousness of the seeker must be lifted from the physical or intellectual realm to the inner plane, the heart of Christ consciousness. This is what Jesus seems to be pointing to.

Throughout our education we are given a theological understanding, a picture of Jesus Christ who is a man, a form, a beautiful human being. But to identify with his consciousness it to take one beyond this form, to the formless. Jesus seem to continue to point to the God within him, a consciousness not of this plane, not of this historical dimension we are so self limited and so wedded to. However, Jesus did not limit himself to his form, his body identified ego. Therefore, he could testify about himself, the nature of his consciousness, without the truth being distorted by the unreliable ego. As egos, we exaggerate ourselves in order to be seen in a certain way. The only way we know to judge, coming from this ego state, is to judge bodily, rather than about consciousness. I’m not sure I’m articulating this clearly, but hopefully within these words is the notion of a different way of judging, more like an omniscient or God consciousness. When we move from the intellect to the heart, a transition the Jews may have made when listening to Jesus this day, they were able to “put their faith in him.”


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