February 02, 2005

John 5:19-30 (by Larry)

I realize that this post is very unorthodox, and hope that it doesn't antagonize anyone:

All that is said here about the Son of God applies equally to you and me-- to the degree that we are fully confirmed in our identity. By that standard to whom does it fully apply? Perhaps to no one else, but don't discount that.

What I'm trying to say is that we are all Christ, to the degree that we can carry that character, when "we can do nothing but what we see the father doing".

The father will (and has) shown us greater works than we have seen heretofore. Jesus said you will do greater works than I've done (further in John!)

We give life to some, and we also judge. (Paul said, don't you know you will judge angels?).
Those who do not honor us (when we're godly), do not honor the Father, who sent us.

If our word is true, any who hear our word have the same reward that we did hearing Jesus' word.

Like Jesus we can do nothing on our own.

Friends, don't take these verses simply literally; that's bibliolatry; worship the living God and take his written words as pointing to spiritual truth.

Well that's it; I'm done. Jesus taught us to be perfect, and that should (must) be our intention. As he was perfect, we are supposed to be likewise.


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